Emmer Wheat

Emmer Wheat, Korinis Karpos, is a type of hulled wheat (Triticum Dicoccum) produced by Vassilis Orfanos. It is also known as “zeidoro” (ζείδωρο, ‘the gift of Zeus’). It is among the oldest types of wheat, dating back to 12.000 B.C. Emmer wheat seeds have been found in excavations as well as decorative patterns on ancient Greek coins. Its common name in Modern Greek is Zea, after Zea Port in Piraeus, which was one of the main export harbors of ancient Athens. Emmer wheat formed a substantial part of the daily diet of ancient Greeks.

Emmer wheat cultivation has been revived in recent years. It is considered an ideal cereal for the modern world: it needs no fertilizers and pesticide spraying, because its seeds grow close together and naturally smother weeds in the field. It also requires less water and may be cultivated in arid areas.

Chemical analyses of Korinis Karpos emmer wheat show that compared to common wheat varieties, it has high nutritional value, is rich in magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and Vitamin B. It is also easier to digest, due to its low gluten content; it is believed -though this has not yet been proven by scientific research- that it can enhance and further activate the brain cells, accelerating thought processes.

Chemical Analyses of Korinis Karpos products made from Zea emmer wheat show they are of high nutritional value, with beneficial characteristics.

Korinis Karpos flour is organic, produced from non-genetically modified seed, with no traces of fertilizers and no phytosanitary products.

Because it is cultivated as wild wheat, it is resistant to pests, endures drought and grows easily. Furthermore, it is easy to digest, it is tastier and with richer flavor than common flour. Compared to common white flour, Korinis Karpos products have high nutritional value, because they contain beneficial polyunsaturated fatty acids, retained in the milling process since it is ground with its germ.

Korinis Karpos products have high protein content and 10% more of the amino acid lysine. Amino acids are the building blocks of human tissues. Lysine has the following qualities:

1. It assists the human immune system

2. It is an essential element for the brain function

3. It makes products easy to digest

It also contains the following amino acids: tryptophan, methionine, thionine, valine, leucine, isoleukine, phenylalanine. Flour produced from Korinis Karpos wheat is wholegrain, so all above ingredients are part of bran shorts and so transferred to our wholegrain flour.

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