The Triticum Dicoccum emmer wheat (trade name: Korinis Karpos) originates from the ancient wheat variety Zea. It is sown and grown under the abundant warmth of the Greek sun in the fields of Liofateza in Tanagra area. Vassilis Orfanos cultivates his fields with devotion and respect for the environment and the people.

This way emmer wheat seeds are grown organic, free of any fertilizers, pesticides or harmful substances.

Since January 2011, we own 30000m2 land in Liofateza in the area of Tanagra, close to the ancient city of the same name, located between Attica and Boeotia, in Greece.

After the initial land purchase, when looking for a suitable crop that would thrive in dry conditions and ideal sunlight settings, we came upon the ancient strain of wheat now known as Zea [Triticum Dicoccum]. Zea, famous for its distinctive characteristics as well as its high quality nutritional features, is ideally suited to the microclimate of the area, considered among the best in continental Greece. So we selected to cultivate this; our choice coincided with the turn of Greek consumers to quality agricultural products. The Korinis Karpos range are such quality products.

After a thorough search we managed to find the ancient seed grain in the area of Katerini and we began farming it in our land.

However, we did not stop there.

We proceeded to get organic certification for our produce. For the past three years, we followed all necessary steps and received the organic farming certificate. Throughout, our concern was to respect the environment, the people and the area.

Our field is enclosed by a fence and there is a second boundary of oleander bushes, which form an additional natural shield for our crops.

What we aimed was quality organic produce of emmer wheat so we chemically tested our Korinis Karpos crops in a certified laboratory. Test results showed that our produce has excellent nutritional characteristics, so we enthusiastically continued to harvest it. We have now started packaging and selling our top quality seed in products such as flour, bulgur wheat and grain. All are classed as super foods.

The traditional stone mill used is owned and operated by our associate Vassilis in his flour-mill. It uses millstones from Naxos island, to partially mill, husk and grind seeds of whole wheat Zea (bran, endosperm and germ). This milling process does not destroy or remove vitamins and beneficial mineral salts. It should be noted that common white flour is produced by milling only the endosperm.

We are currently producing three high nutritional value products: Flour, Bulgur Wheat and Grain.

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